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We have several programs to choose from for all levels.

GROUP Mat-Fit Memberships

Group fitness classes are a fun and affordable way to incorporate a variety of exercises into your daily routine.

  • Why Fit Form Mat classes?
  • Highly trained and the most experienced instructor in Helena with over 25 plus years of experience
  • Diverse selection of Pilates classes and other fitness classes
  • Numerous attendance options

Foundation Training

is a modern exercise modality designed to stimulate healthy movement patterns. The exercise positions reset muscle-skeletal dysfunction (i.e. poor posture, back discomfort, hip issues, etc.). This workout significantly reduces the damage created by our modern technical world. The practice of Foundation Training enables the body to revive healthy movement; there by dissipating muscle-skeletal discomforts that plague our contemporary culture.

Practitioners find enhanced performance, moving with greater efficiency and ease. Foundation Training augments other workouts by resetting your posture and enhancing ideal movement patterns. Check out this video to see the exercises in action.

Pilates Mat

works the “powerhouse”, the deep muscles of the torso to achieve efficient quality of movement and improve posture. The Mat is done primarily on your back or abdominals with some movements in a side-lying and standing position. With this NO impact workout—Pilates balances your body, builds strong lean muscle and increases mobility and flexibility. Light equipment such as weights, Power Circles, Flex-Bands, Mini Stability Balls, and Pinky Balls may be included in your workout to increase challenge and mix up your routine. Mats and all equipment are provided. Check out this YouTube link for an Essential Pilates Mat work out with Melinda.


Nordic Walking

is the ultimate cardio-respiratory experience. The aerobic exercise is great for people who are looking for a smart physical activity with maximum health benefits. Nordic walking is more than just walking with poles. When you walk normally and carry poles with you, it is called the “2-wheel drive”. As soon as you grip the poles properly and start using your upper body, you’re now in “4-wheel drive” and the workout has just reached a whole new level. Check out this link to see Nordic Walking action.

Nordic walking poles are required. These poles may be rented for $25.00 or purchased from Fit Form Studio.

Pop-Up Fitness

Like a “Pop-Up” restaurant or retail shop, Pop-Up Fitness classes literally pop-up on the schedule two weeks in advance; dates and times will always vary. These classes are a chance to work out with Melinda and experience something a little more challenging. A Pop-Up Fitness class maybe a combination of Pilates Mat, Foundation Training and/or Nordic Walking. There may also be the chance to try the TRX, a suspension training apparatus for flexibility and strength training. These classes maybe held at the Fit Form Studio or outside at a designated location. Watch for them on the schedule late spring, summer and fall.


Group Equipment classes utilize the Springboard which is basically the Tower end of the Cadillac, Reformers, and Spine Correctors for a complete and rigorous workout.

Mixed Equipment with Springboard

  • Springboard uses wall-mounted leg springs, arm springs, roll-down bar and Push-through-Bar as an alternative to the Cadillac Tower. Plus, the Pilates Arc and Roller are added for more core strengthening. The workout is an invigorating full-body experience. It offers greater resistance training and deep core-strengthening. The classes are limited to four to seven students, providing the individual attention necessary for success. Great for osteoporosis!


Systems Circuit

  • System’s Circuit incorporates Reformer, Tower, Pilates Arc and Mat. The program is set up as a circuit in modern day terms. For 15-20 minutes, students perform a designated exercise routine on each apparatus then move to the next station. The instructor assists in achieving ideal technique and precision for each exercise. Designed for Intermediate Pilates students.